Sumsum & Co

A Rahash Emporium is born

Born in the Heart of Amsterdam, SumSum & Co is a family-owned middle eastern inspired oriental delicacy that came to life when Granny Sophie turned Halva’s & Tahini’s from the middle eastern cuisine into the finest culinary experiences.

Beginnings in Windmill Village

Granny Sophie’s journey began in the heart of Amsterdam’s windmill Village, she started off by watching her parents in the kitchen, as a child, young Sophie would stare mesmerized as her parents would grind sesame seeds into Tahini’s & mixing it with hot sugar syrup, fascinated by its extraordinary sweet taste, she continued to learn from her parents and follow her parents and follow the practices of her ancestors in order to develop the secrets of a perfect Tahini delicacy that came to life today.

Meet Granny Sophie

Young Sophie followed her passion & continued her journey in the Mediterranean Sea’s to discover the origins & detail of each and every ingredient that make up a perfect Halva delicacy. Her mind transformed into a repository of rich flavors, tastes and textures as she memorized how every ingredients played an important role in crafting her secret recipe.

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