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Transparency, confidentiality and highest ethical standards

Saif Belhasa Real Estate was formed in Dubai in year 2007. Saif Belhasa Real Estate is registered as a real estate management company in Real Estate Regulatory Authority and is license from Department of Economic Development Dubai.

About Saif Belhasa Real Estate

We are proud to be a part of Saif Belhasa Holding LLC.

During these years Saif Belhasa Real Estate has gained enormous respect for consistently delivering high quality, professional services. We represent the “hands on” real estate intelligence and consist of a group of dedicated and experienced professionals. We are multicultural organization to cope with multicultural environment of United Arab Emirates. Transparency, confidentiality and highest ethical standards are integral part of company mission statement.

Saif Belhasa Real Estate offers full range of real estate management services which include lease or building management. The quality of the services provided is of highest level and draws on the core skills and experience that Saif Belhasa Real Estate has accumulated over many years of real estate management.

We are constant enhancing our systems to cope with latest trends and technologies to provide better services to our customers. We are in pursuit along with the respectable government of UAE to provide customer happiness and be a market leader.

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Saif Belhasa Real Estate

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