Belhasa Advanced Motorist

Responsible for conducting training & tests to certify all driving courses

In a continues effort to develop and provide high standard’s for Safety & Advanced Training courses to our clients, we introduce Belhasa Advanced Motorist ( BAM ).

About Belhasa Advanced Motorist

B.A.M. is a subsidiary of Belhasa Driving Center. A unit entirely responsible for conducting training & tests to certify all advanced driving courses such as Refresher, Defensive Driving, Advanced Driving, Desert driving and many more.

With respect to imparting skills on advanced motorist training programs, Belhasa Driving Center conveys the basis of inculcating the idea of safe driving among all the citizens of UAE. Safety measures being considered like any other caution is a thought that has been taken by us to be conveyed in the right way.

Our Courses

A bag full of courses that ranges from the basics to the much advanced levels of driving…

Refresher Driving Courses
Driving Assessments
Defensive Driving Courses
Advanced Driving Courses
Off-Road Driving Courses
Desert Driving Courses

Our Gallery

Some Glimpse of our Belhasa Advanced Motorist

Belhasa Advanced Motorist

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