Qeyada Tawjeeh Center

Qeyada Tawjeeh Center is a provider of the Ministry Of Human Resources & Emiratisation services that provides awareness and orientation services to employees and employers that operate under the UAE Labor Law and the ministerial resolutions in execution thereto and any letters related to the labour market and the UAE society's culture according to the controls and provisions set by the Ministry.

About Qeyada

In accordance with the strategy of Ministry of Human Resources Qeyada Tawjeeh Center aims to achieve a qualitative leap in the efficiency of UAE job market and preparing it by empowering the local workforce to work in the private sectors and building a comprehensive system for protecting the employees’ rights and ensuring the interests of employers are fulfilled.

Furthermore Qeyada Tawjeeh Center's dedicated mission is in a line with the Emirates Government Services Excellence Program vision and strategic plan to achieve higher standards of focusing on customer and enhancing government efficiency that will reflect positively on UAE, by taking the hassle out of client transactions by facilitating the provided services for the client by improving efficiency which plays an important role in representing a qualitative value in the soft power of UAE by introducing it to a wide range of individuals regardless of their educational levels and the nature of their work.

Undoubtedly, it represents a cultural development that emphasizes the civilized face of the UAE and limits the problems resulting from a lack of knowledge or unawareness of laws and cultures.

"Qeyada Tawjeeh" : Center's Services

Orient and raise awareness of employers.
Orient and raise awareness of employees.
Provide work permit and employment contract delivery services.
Provide work certificate services to employees.

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Qeyada Tawjeeh Center

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