Taqdeer Centre

An information service

It’s about providing information about registered establishments in MOHRE from information service providers.

- Registration of labour accommodation in the labour Camp system

- Provide information to estimate the workload

- Providing information about the facilities and the effectiveness of commercial licenses.


About Taqdeer Centre

Ensuring efficient and effective service delivery under the SLA.

Compliance with service standards in accordance with the UAE Government Excellence Program.

Ensure that service providers are connected to the Ministry's systems.

Ensure confidentiality of information and data.

Commitment to the development of a special system to assess the performance of evaluators based on the quality of productivity and professional and functional commitment through the control room.

Taqdeer Centre Team

Is a team consisting of two evaluators of the local citizens, one holds a university degree and the other holds a general secondary degree to carry out evaluation visits and were given the following title: (Major Evaluator, Assistant Evaluator).

Contact Details

  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • 04-5248703
  • info@taqdeer.ae